At Tribe, we have a huge respect for the restaurant community. And we're the first to encourage people to eat out when they're not eating in!

Our mission is to support local, independent restaurants in Edinburgh and help you expand your business.

We'll do the hard work - source, train, prep, cook, package and deliver - allowing you to focus on what you do best - your in-house dining experience.

Working with you, we'll take your menu to the masses - by delivering your food, from hob to house, to the quality and standard you demand.

Tribe Kitchen will enable you to extend your offering well beyond your premises. We can expand your reach, your customer base and loyalty, while protecting your brand and enhancing your food at home. Together, we'll create a partnership that allows you to grow - without compromise.

Working with us will be easy. You set the menu and the standards, we source the ingredients, agree the packaging and, together, we will train our staff and make sure your distinct offering is delivered perfectly to the masses.

Nothing! We take all the costs - from capital expenditure to wages, food and packaging, even marketing – and give you a share of the sales.

Get in touch! Join our Tribe and let us do the rest.